Case IH Harvesting

Redmac Agricultural Machinery provide Case IH’s industry-leading harvesting equipment including Axial-Flow combine harvesters and fronts.


Industry Leading Harvesting Equipment

Case IH’s industry-leading harvesting equipment includes Axial-Flow combine harvesters and fronts and Austoft cane harvesters. These machines are designed to streamline the harvesting process, improve harvest quality, operator comfort and productivity.


Axial-Flow single rotor technology has led the industry since 1977, providing a simple design that produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market.

The Axial-Flow™ 250 Series has arrived in Australia. The next evolution is now even more durable and efficient, with new features that add real value by simplifying operations, enabling consistency and reducing fatigue. With the optional AFS Harvest Command™, it can even help the inexperienced operator produce results a seasoned campaigner would be proud of. In real time, settings such as rotor speed, rotor cage vane angle, cleaning fan speed, sieve positions and more are continuously monitored and adjusted as conditions change, providing exceptional performance – without driver intervention.


The greatest choice of fronts to give you the greatest yields.

Simple, reliable Case IH header designs deliver consistent performance and durability, regardless of crop or conditions. Just like the combines behind them, Case IH headers are simple to set and adjust, intuitive to operate and help you deliver more, high quality grain to the tank. With headers as wide as 45 feet, they deliver a steady stream of grain to match high capacity of machines like the Axial-Flow 9240.

Axial-Flow 250 Series Combines: Raise the Bar for High-efficiency Harvesting

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